For nearly 20 years, my in-laws had been wintering down in Naples, FL. Each Winter, they would drive down to Naples to escape the cold New England weather. Each Spring they'd return to find (most of the time) the snow melted into a distant memory.

Back in 2021, my father-in-law passed away while away in Florida. Thankfully, a lot of us in the family were able to be here visiting them when this happened. After taking care of a few things, my mother-in-law drove back to New England with her cousin. That Fall, they drove back down together.

But, somewhere along the way I put out an idea. I remember saying, "You know, I'd drive your car and Scotty (her faithful dog) down for you." Fast-forward a few months and, during a phone call, she asked if I was serious about driving her down to Florida.

Wait, is that what I said I'd do?


That was sometime during the Fall of 2021. By Christmas, I was booked to fly down the following April and drive her and Scotty back to New England. The following October, we drove down together and I flew back a few days later.

And the tradition continues. Last April, I flew down again and we took the long 1500+ mile trip back to New England.

Now you might say - wow, you must be her favorite son-in-law. I used to say - well, isn't that obvious? But then her other son-in-law went and added an in-law apartment to his house for her to move into.

Did I mention that other son-in-law is my brother? Yup, brothers married to sisters.

So after I make this grand gesture to secure a seat in the son-in-law Hall of Fame, this bum goes and tries to knock me off my pedestal? How selfish of him.

Anyway, why am I choosing to write about this right now? Well, because today - Monday, November 6th - I am writing to you from sunny Naples, FL. We couldn't leave as early as last year - but just a few days back we headed out from chilly Massachusetts and today we arrived to the warm air of Florida.

And I am exhausted. Time for bed.

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